The Jones Family

The Jones Family

George Jones

George Jones is a section manager at the Capital Bank, a private investment company that makes its profits from speculating on the currencies of poor nations. He expects to become the next CEO at the Bank and does whatever he thinks it will take to achieve that career aspiration. He regularly works long hours and ingratiates himself with the senior management.

He studied Economics and Financial Engineering at the same university as Ryan. However, he doesn't get on particularly with Ryan and although their families live nearby he assiduously avoids conversation with him.

He came from a poor family and studied and worked hard and so he thinks that everyone can achieve the same riches if they follow his example. He is intolerant of the poor as a result and places extreme pressure on his only son, Daniel to follow in his footsteps into the financial markets.

He regularly bores people at dinner parties talking about wine and his latest imported sports car purchase. Is a likely heart attack victim.

  • Age: 41 years
  • Height: 185 cms
  • Interests: Wine, fast imported cars, and financial markets.
  • Weakness: Is unfit and hates exercise.

Eva Jones

Eva Jones grew up with nothing and from an early age sought to marry a man with a high income who would give her plenty of scope to go shopping. She built a career from modelling and after several affairs with married men, which got her nowhere, she finally latched on to George. Daniel's mother, George's first wife walked out on him after discovering his affair with Eva.

Eva is totally uninterested in Daniel, her step son, and considers him the inconvenience she has to bear to live the 'high life' with George, who it has to be said thinks giving her a credit card is the sum of his responsibilities towards her.

Unbeknown to George, she has taken to spending a lot of time down the beach, watching Tyler.

  • Age: 33 years
  • Height: 175 cms
  • Interests: Shopping, bronze tanning, and nail-art.
  • Weakness: Staring at the financial balance in the on-line bank account.

Daniel Jones

Daniel is the local tennis star. He has known Kevin since they were childhood playmates in the neighbourhood. He doesn't particularly get on with Kevin now but some of that is because his father is continually criticising Ryan Smith whenever he gets the opportunity. The other reason is that he is not in the local band, which is a clique within itself. His tennis skills bring him popularity among the girls who think he is larger than life. But he is mostly all talk - a trait inherited from his father.

He is constantly buckling under the pressure from his father to achieve high academic grades so that he can go to one of the better universities as a pathway to getting into financial market speculation. Interestingly, while he has grown up in a rich family and has all the electronic gadgets and expensive sporting equipment at his disposal, he feels a certain emptiness as a result of observing his unhappy parents and their obsession with money.

He continually wishes his parents would get back together again

  • Age: 16 years
  • Height: 188 cms
  • Interests: Watching sport on TV and playing virtual games
  • Weakness: Is devastated from the time his actual mother walked out.

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