The Smith Family

The Smith Family and their Adventures with Money

The Smith Family are a middle-class family living in a city somewhere in the world. The second-generation parents are university educated and have professional occupations. Their two kids attend the local public school.

Follow them through Season 1 as they traverse their daily lives and confront the reality of human frailty and the limits of their knowledge.

Episode 12 - The central bank has the power

In this episode, Chris ties to convince Elizabeth to leave Ryan - by SMS. Not the best move.

The scene then turns to the annual community party that is held in the local park as part of a national holiday.

The local band is playing and the tensions within the community start to reveal themselves. We also learn about the power of the central bank relative to the financial markets. We end Season 1 with George Jones being taken away by the police charged with financial fraud.

Other Episodes

Next Episode: Season 2 will begin on May 24, 2024.

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Don't forget - Season 2 begins May 24, 2024

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